Grateful Dog Refuses To Let Go Of The Man Who Saved Him

Alex Perez was just 11 years old when he saw a puppy at a yard sale.  He knew he had to bring home.   and just knew he had to bring it home. A few years later, Alex and his mom were driving when they found an injured pit bull in the middle of the road. Alex picked him up and brought the bloody dog to the car.

The beautiful dog made a full recovery, and now lives a wonderful life with Alex, who is now 16 years old.  Alex is still involved in rescuing animals, and he participated in a unique rescue just recently.

Alex and his mom joined some volunteers to help save dozens of animals from a hoarder in Canton, North Carolina.

The animals were taken to a warehouse and were in desperate need of help.

Among the rescue groups in attendance were Duke’s Animal Haven, Haywood County Animal Shelter, Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

A lot of the dogs were Chihuahuas and dachshunds, who had all spent all of their lives in cages. The rescuers saved nearly 140 animals that day.

Once at the temporary shelter, Alex formed an immediate bond with a dog named Trouble. As soon as Alex approached his crate, he climbed into his arms as if to say “please, don’t let me go.”

The two of them played together, and it was likely the first time Trouble had ever felt love.

Alex’s mom has agreed to take him in, only as a foster.

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