Man Rescues Pregnant Cat So Her Kittens Could Have A Better Life

A man helped a stray cat just in time so her kittens could have a better life.

man rescues cat with kittens

Claire from Montreal, Canada spotted a calico cat hiding underneath a car outside her shop. The little stray was very shy and covered in dirt. She knew she had to help when no one came forward to claim the cat.

She brought the stray inside her office, and gave her food and water. After getting a full belly, the calico took a long nap, making up for lost sleep.

Later that evening, Claire took her to a veterinary office for an exam. The calico didn’t have a microchip but she was not the only one saved. As it turned out, she was pregnant with three kittens.

They named her Ciboulette, which means Chive in French.

man rescues cat with kittens

Hadrien, Claire’s friend, offered to help when he learned that she needed a foster home. Ciboulette quickly settled into her new room and began to purr. She snuggled up to her foster dad, wanting hugs and attention.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue group, was later contacted, and they immediately extended their help.

When the cat went into labor, she meowed for her foster dad’s company. “She was looking for her human. It reassured her to have him there,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow.

man rescues cat with kittens

The first two kittens came out and started nursing right away. “When the cat mama was exhausted, Hadrien brought her water and food.”

A few hours later, the third and final kitten was brought into the world. It was a tiny calico with markings just like Mom. All three kittens nursed away into the morning.

Over the next few weeks, they grew by leaps and bounds.

man rescues cat with kittens

Whenever Mama Ciboulette needed a break, Hadrien helped kitten-sit her babies. He assisted the cat mom when the kittens started weaning — it was team work.

Just like Mom who is a polydactyl, the kittens (Minici, Arbok and Mary) were also born with extra toes.

man rescues cat with kittens

They followed their mom around the house, exploring every nook and cranny. They played with every toy they could grab with their adorable big mittens.

Minici, the little calico, shares quite the resemblance to her mama.

man rescues cat with kittens

The feline family of four was thriving in their foster home.

They took over Hadrien’s room and bed and enjoyed running around the house like they owned it.

man rescues cat with kittens

As the kittens grew more independent, Ciboulette started to spend more time with her foster dad. “She is still a kitten at heart. She purrs right away when it’s time to cuddle,” Celine shared with Love Meow.

man rescues cat with kittens

Little Minici has blossomed into a gorgeous kitty.

Arbok the only boy in the litter is the most playful of all.

“He was always the first to bug his sisters to play,” Celine added.

man rescues cat with kittens

“Mary the little orange kitten is the most calm. She is cuddly and likes to climb everything she finds in her path.”

When the little family was ready for adoption, the kittens quickly found their forever homes.

man rescues cat with kittens

Mama Ciboulette never left her foster dad.

Hadrien couldn’t part with the sweet calico and officially made her a permanent part of his family.

man rescues cat with kittens

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