Man Reunited With The Lioness He Rescued

Valentin Gruener  of Germany, discovered that he had a passion for helping sick animals. So much so that as an adult, he formed the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana.

Early on he met Sirga, a tiny lion cub that was abandoned and left for dead by a pack of lions.  Her siblings were all killed for being a threat. Valentin rushed her back to safety, and years later, their bond is unbreakable.

As a young boy growing up in Germany, Valentin Gruener truly loved caring for sick animals, especially cats. This eventually drew him to Africa, where he wanted to work with big cats.

Lucky for him, in Africa, there were plenty cats to be found!

It wasn’t until he met Mikkel Legarth, a native of Denmark, that his dreams came true and together, they founded Modisa Wildlife Project.

Nothing prepared Valentin for the relationship he would have with an abandoned lion cub named Sirga. Once he rescued her, he decided he didn’t want her to grow up in captivity.

Valentin and Mikkel worked hard to raise Sirga in the wild, while sill having contact with her.

She lives under their watchful eye, but still enjoys the wild.



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