Heroic Man Risks His Own Life To Save This Pup From Raging River

A playful Labrador jumped into a river to catch a ball that he was chasing. Usually, this would only lead to a soggy, wet dog, but in this case, the outcome was almost devastating. The river was incredibly tumultuous and the dog could not swim back to safety.

The pup’s unidentified owner plunged into the raging waters to rescue his beloved dog. Both could have easily been killed, but bystanders quickly called for help.

man saves dog from water

Several people tried to help pull the man out of the water, but with the strong current and a large Lab along for the ride, it was too much for mere humans to handle.

man saves dog from water

Rescuers soon arrived and saved the man and his dog from the raging waters. While they do credit the dog dad with saving his pup’s life, they also advise people not to dive into rough waters to save their pets, as this often results in the death of both the human and the dog.

Stay safe out there pups and pawrents!


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