Owner Reunites With Missing Dog, Breaks Down When He Sees How Different She Looks Now…

The dog, who was named Sandy, had gone missing when she strayed from the deer lodge she and her owner were staying at. Sandy wandered 18 miles through the rough terrain of Montana, and was missing for nearly a month before she was found. 

When Sandy was found, she was in really rough shape, barely able to stand, and her body had shriveled to skin and bones, her fur was matted with a combination of feces, ticks, and grass seeds.

When the clinic shaved her body, they saw just how emaciated the dog was.  The veterinarian said that Sandy was only a few days away from her body completely shuting down.

In order to find her owner Alpine created a Facebook post and asked their followers to share her. The post had nearly 5,000 shares and 200,000 people saw it before Sandy’s dad was told about it.

When a friend of his saw the post, they told him that his dog had been found and was recovering at the clinic. Veterinarian Heidi Wampler said, “It was the first time we’d seen her lift up her tail and wag, so she clearly recognized him, and she feels good enough that she could acknowledge that he was there.”

When he finally saw her, he burst into tears, and so did everyone else in the office while they watched the heart-warming reunion.


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