This Goose Lost Her Babies Due To An Act Of Cruelty, But Kindhearted Rescuers Step In To Give Her A Fresh Start

One Sunday morning in May, Tim White and his daughter made a quick stop at White’s office when a small smoke cloud caught their attention.

When they got closer they were horrified to see a poor Canadian goose trying to save her eggs from a nest fire.

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According to The Dodo, in a terrible act of malice, someone had set fire to her nest with cigarette, and in an attempt to save her babies, the brave mother sat down in the middle of the fire trying to protect her egg and putting her own life in risk.

“It was a small blaze, but she was sitting right in it, she took the brunt of it. She was sitting on the eggs just trying to protect them, she probably would have sat there until she was deceased” White told The Dodo.

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White, a wildlife specialist, put out the fire and called the authorities. Police are looking for those responsible not only because of the damage to the nest, but of the potential danger caused had the fire spread to the adjacent office building.


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Back To The Wild, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center, stepped in to help the severely injured goose who suffered injuries on her wings, tail and flight feathers.


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Vets also took the eggs and put them in an incubator with the hope that they would survive. However, the damage was done.

The mother goose would have to be under care for a while, but the center didn’t want to release her back into the wild alone. That’s when they had an idea: During her recovery, they would pair her with six rescue goslings in need of a mother.


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When they put the goslings near her it was love at first site.

“Look who is living up to her reputation as a great mom!!”


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“As soon as we put these precious babies out with her in our wetlands habitat, this mother goose got right to herding them up and protecting them from… US!” Back To The Wild wrote on their Facebook page.


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Once the mother goose is all healed the center will release her — and her babies — back to the wild.


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