A Fascinating Type Of Cat That Most People Aren’t Familiar With

Munchkins are for sure a cute cat breed!  Some say, the cutest on the planet. Just take a look at these pictures!

When it comes to cute cats, they don’t make ’em much cuter than the Munchkin breed.
munchkin kittens 1

This teeny, tiny breed of cat starts off as a waddling, tottering bundle of fuzz.
munchkin kittens 2

Due to genetics, munchkins are born with very short legs
munchkin kittens 3

Did we mention their kittens are absolutely adorable?
munchkin kittens 4

They are cute and curious little cats!
munchkin kittens 5

Each one seems to say “give me a cuddle!”
munchkin kittens 6

How can you look at that tiny face and NOT want to give him a squeeze?
munchkin kittens 7

Munchkins enjoyed a surge of popularity in the 1990s.
munchkin kittens 8

And their fan base keeps growing today.
munchkin kittens 9

Can you blame them?
munchkin kittens 10

Just look at this little guy!
munchkin kittens 11
I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at these tiny sweethearts. 


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