Blind Senior Dachshund Clings To The First Person She Meets At The Shelter

This senior Dachshund had certainly seen better days.  She was dumped at the shelter, and the 18-year-old blind dog just wanted to feel love again.

Muneca had lost so much in life: a family, a home and her vision. She wanted to make a connection with someone more than anything.


That’s why when she met her very first person at the shelter, she didn’t want to let go. Longtime volunteer Elaine Seamans came to visit Muneca, and the 18-year-old blind dog leapt into her arms.


Also on hand was photographer John Hwang, and it was his picture that changed everything for Muneca. Shared on Facebook, the photo caught the eye of a rescue group called Frosted Faces Foundation.


They took Muneca to a veterinarian for a checkup and will then place her in a foster home. From there, she hopes to find a forever home.



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