National Geographic Presents The ‘Nature Photographer Of The Year 2016’ Winners Showcase

11. Third Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Friendship Knows No Color, Spain

‘Friendship knows no color, nationality, race and social level, friendship knows no age and gender, friendship knows no distance’ -quoted by Luis A Ribeiro Branco-. This way must be. And this images perfectly could represent that message. Two Empusa Pennata which seem to play a game on the thin plant. Wildlife image and absolutely uncommon to see a couple of this species together.

12. Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Crow Chasing Puffy Owl

The Crow saw the Puffy Owl resting and decided to chase away the Owl from its territory.

13. First Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Life And Death, Svalbard And Jan Mayen

These polar bear remains have been discovered at one of the islands of Northern Svalbard. Unfortunately, we do not know definitely whether the bear died from starving or aging, but more likely if we see the good teeth status – from starving . They say nowadays such remains to be founded very often – global warming and ice situation influence the polar bear population a lot.

14. Second Place Winner, Landscape: Wild Rink, Italy

The first cold days of winter have frozen the surface of a pond. The first snowfall has revealed its delicate beauty. A long shutter speed enhances the movement of the clouds around Mt. Cimon de la Pala, Paneveggio-Pale San Martino Natural Park, Italy.

15 Second Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Proud Momma, Florida

Fry of a Peacock Bass hover around their mom for protection against predators. Peacock Bass, part of the Cichlid family, exercise excellent parental car and will protect their young against any threat that approaches them. This tropical species from South America was intentionally introduced in South Florida during the 1980s to control the African Tilapia, another invasive species.

16. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: Wildfire At The Beach, Spain

A young woman in bikini looks at an approaching forest fire near the beach. A firefighting plane drops water to extinguish the wildfire. This image was taken at the beach of Son Serra, on the island of Mallorca on August 18, 2016.

17. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: American Flowers #1, Greenland

In Greenland’s pristine landscape lies a US Air Force base which was abandoned in 1947 and everything was left behind, vehicles, asbestos laced structures, and over 10,000 aviation fuel barrels. The Inuits who live in the region call the rusted remains American Flowers. In 2014 and 2015 I camped out solo to photograph it. In 2015 my 5 day solo camping trip turned into 8, as I couldn’t get picked up due to the weather.

18. Third Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Toxic Vanity, United Kingdom

This image is a magnification of plastic particles in eyeliner exploring just one facet of the synthetic swarm suspended in our oceans. The particles, lash lengthening fibres, illuminating powders and glitters these products contain are in fact tiny pieces of plastic. Every time we wash these products from our bodies or ingest them as we lick the glosses from our lips, we unknowingly add to the trillions of micro plastic particles currently infesting every level of the ocean.

19 Second Place Winner, Environmental Issues: The View Outside Facebook Hq, California

Eighty percent of the San Francisco Bay Area wetlands – 16,500 acres – has been developed for salt mining. Water is channeled into these large ponds, leave through evaporation, and the salt is then collected. The tint of each pond is an indication of its salinity. Micro-organisms inside the pond change color according to the salinity of its environment. This high salinity salt pond is located right next to Facebook HQ where 4,000 people work every day.


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