Teenager Lies To Mom And Goes Drinking With Friends, But He Never Expected What His Dad Would Do That Night…

The day before high school my dad had a talk with me about drinking. He made me a promise saying something to the effect of, “If you are ever in a situation where you’re drunk, your driver is drunk, etc. you can call me, and I’ll pick you up. No matter what time it is, know I will be there for you and I will not be mad or tell your mother.”

Well, during my junior year, I lied to my parents and told them I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house. Instead, I went to a kegger with my friends. We got wasted, and the party ended about 2. My friend that drove was drunk and insisted that she was fine to drive. All I could hear was my father’s voice giving me that talk.

So, I called him. He was all groggy but made the 45-minute drive to pick me up. Not only did he take me home, but my 2 friends as well. It was a silent car ride, and I just felt like he was going to explode once my friends were out of the car.

That was 10 years ago, and he still hasn’t talked about it to this day. If any of you have children entering this age, I suggest you make the promise with your children. Who knows what could have happened to us that night if he wasn’t there for me.

Please share this with other parents and teenagers because drinking and driving is not only irresponsible but could destroy innocent families.

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