Newborn Kittens Found After Workers Heard Strange Noises Coming From A Factory Cupboard

When workers at a factory heard a strange noise in a storage cupboard, they opened it and were surprised to find three newborn kittens.

They were still wet from the birth, cold, and not moving. They were not even sure if they would make the trip to the veterinary hospital. They found another littermate, who had sadly passed away.

newborn kittens

The RSPCA Animal Collection Office took them in and immediately and believed the kittens were born to a feral cat who they believe abandoned them. They immediately began treating the kittens and made sure they did everything they could to make sure these three babies survived.

Catherine Crawford, with the RSPCA Animal Collection Office, brought all three home and cared for them herself with the help of her family.

She named the three kittens, a female named Rose, and two males named Percy and Max. They are all doing so well, and are in such wonderful care. Their beginning to show their personalities and are becoming very lively.

newborn kittens

We are so thankful these babies were rescued in time, and we hope that they will find their forever homes!

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