Meet Norbert And See What He Does For Others Every Day

This is Norbert, a three pound, seven inch tall therapy dog.  Him and mom Julie, are a certified therapy dog team.  He helps and brings joy to those in need!

This is Norbert.

Here he is, in all his tiny glory.

Julie, his mom adopted him from Pet Finder.

Here he is when his mom, Julie, adopted him from Pet Finder.

He is very happy.

He really knows how to live life to the fullest.

He has great hair!

An how to do it in style.

He is known for his cute little tongue.

And we can't forget to mention that famous tongue.

He loves working with his special friends.

Here is Norbert at work, bringing joy to his very special friend.
He’s also known for his cool style.

But when Norbie's off the clock...

Meet a few of his special friends.

He's busy meeting his fellow famous pet pals.

He also endorses Natural Balance, because they donate to good causes.

He also endorses brands that donate to good causes or throw awesome adoption events, like Natural Balance.

He also has many of talents!

It's pretty easy to see why so many people love this little guy so much!

More photos of his great fashion style.

(Hint, it's because he's perfect.)e

He has the perfect travel carrier.

But, there's more.

He and his mom, Julie have several award-winning children’s books.

He (and his mom) are <a href="" target="_blank">award-winning children's book</a> authors!

Their books are very educational and bring joy to those who are in need.

His books teach people how to treat others with kindness, and how to bring joy to those who need it.

He truly is the sweetest little guy.

For more about Norbert's lifetime's worth of achievements...

Please check him out on his website! (

You can check out his <a href="" target="_blank">website</a>!


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