A Stray Pregnant Dog Changed The Life Of The Police Officer Who Saved Her

Cleveland Police Officer John Lyons discovered an emaciated and pregnant Mastiff mix when he was on routine patrol one night. He carefully managed to get the soon-to-be mom off of the street and to a veterinarian.

officer rescues pregnant dog

This isn’t the first time Officer Lyons found a stray dog, in fact, he often rescues them and finds them forever homes.

He said:

“In the course of basic patrol, unfortunately, there is a need out here for helping stray animals and if coming across them. If the night permits and we can help a stray animal out, I’ll get it and if it needs vet care I run it up to the good folks at Westpark Animal Hospital and they help me out.”

The difference with this dog is that, the dog, now named Clarice, went to stay with Lyons after she received medical attention, and, the officer and his wife helped to deliver Clarice’s puppies!

officer rescues pregnant dog

After such a touching moment, the two became soulmates. The moving photo below shows Officer Lyons and Clarice asleep on the floor next to one another.

officer rescues pregnant dog

Despite Clarice’s dire condition, all of her puppies survived and have since been adopted. As for Clarice and Lyons, the pair have formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

officer rescues pregnant dog


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