Heroic Officer Saves An Abandoned Puppy In Traffic

Marley the puppy just went from rush-hour traffic to forever home thanks to Lieutenant Brian Rackow of the Midland Police Department in Texas.

officer rescues puppy

Last week, police responded to a call regarding a man throwing puppies into busy morning traffic. When authorities arrived, the man was gone, but the dogs were still stuck scurrying among the cars.

Police rounded up the pups and brought them to a local animal shelter, where they were found to be shaken but not seriously hurt.

officer rescues puppy

Thanks to witness observations, officers were able to capture the offender as well, arresting Ernesto Aranda Jr. for animal cruelty charges several days later.

officer rescues puppy

One of the puppies rescued from the road after being thrown under a car caught the attention of a member of Midland’s finest. Marley the puppy is now living under the loving protection of Lt. Rackow, who adopted the pup shortly after she arrived at the shelter.


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