Officers Witness Men About To Shoot And Bury Senior Dog, Dog Now Adoptable At Shelter

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Chris Lynch, witnessed the possible shooting of 11-year-old Tunzy.  The DNRC officer saved this poor girl from a terrible fate of being shot dead and buried in the ground.

According to Officer Lynch, he was surveying the Upper Peninsula of DNR District 2, which includes Chippewa, Delta, Mackinac, Luce and Schoolcraft counties, when he came across a man near a parked vehicle with a small dog.

Lynch then saw the man put a loaded .270 rifle into its case and inside his vehicle.

officer saves dog from being shot

He then saw a second man finishing up a hole that he was digging nearby. The two men told the officer that they were burying a dog, but all that was in the hole was a cardboard box.

It was at that moment that Lynch knew the two men were attempting to kill the small dog that was with them. Had Lynch arrived just a few minutes later, the poor dog would have been murdered. Lynch asked the men what was wrong with the dog and one of the men said that it was old, however, the dog appeared to be healthy.

officer saves dog from being shot

Lynch told the men they were trespassing and not allowed to have a loaded rifle in their car. He suggested that they bring the dog to a nearby animal shelter. They then  agreed that shooting the dog probably wasn’t “the smartest thing to do.”

They were penalized for having the loaded gun and the dog was taken to the Delta Animal Shelter. The dog was originally named Toosie, but the animal shelter’s staff renamed her Tunzy.

officer saves dog from being shot

“People need to surrender their animal for all sorts of reasons and we’re not here to judge. We do not charge. This is what we do,” Delta Animal Shelter Director Susan Gartland said. “We are a place for animals to come to who need a second chance and a new home. Tunzy is 11-years-old, very healthy. A friendly sweet little dog who probably has a good five years of her life left.”

We’re very happy to hear that Tunzy was adopted by a loving family.

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