Paralyzed Pit Bull Freaks Out When Her Dad Comes Home After 6-Month Deployment

Any person with a dog will tell you how much they love their pet.

But we understand when our dogs want some space or alone time. Dogs don’t understand where their humans go each day and they have no idea what to do if they don’t see their beloved human for a long time.

It is incredible to see the bond that dogs make with their humans. Even if they haven’t seen a person in years, their tales still wag so hard they almost fall off when they see them again.

For Melissa Swanson and her husband, their beloved dog Emma is infatuated with her dad. When he left for a six-month deployment, she was heartbroken.

The couple adopted Emma shortly before he left. Emma is paralyzed and came from a special needs rescue group, SNARR.

When her dad comes home after being away for over half a year, Emma’s siblings greet him at the door. This determined dog does not want to be left out. Instead of waiting for Mom to pick her up like she usually does, she drags herself down the hall to say hello!

Emma’s mom assures everyone that she has a doggy wheelchair, but Emma is not very fond of it! I don’t blame her, she gets around great without one.

The look on her dad’s face when he sees her is adorable. When he picks her up, she has the sweetest puppy grin! I’ve never seen a cuter daddy–daughter reunion before!

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