Event Photographer Notices That The Same Party-Crashing Dog Keeps Breaking Into Host Venue

Lucas Valéo is a photographer from Brazil. A few months ago, he was hired to snap photos at an event space in a rural region outside São Paulo.

Once the party got underway, Valéo noticed a friendly pup mingling among the attendees and close to where food was being served.

No one knew the pup, but Valéo took his picture anyway. Turns out the dog being there wasn’t random after all.

party crashing dog

Valéo was hired again to take photos at a party held at the same venue. That is when Valéo realized there was a familiar face in the background…the same party-crashing pup as before. Except, this time, he’d evidently been busted by a bouncer for wandering onto the dance floor.

party crashing dog

The dog showed no regret.

party crashing dog

Valéo later decided to post the photo online, captioning it: “When you didn’t pay the entrance fee …”

“The owner of the venue told me the dog is almost always there,” Valéo said.

Here is another photo, shared by another person who’d been to a party at the same venue. And sure enough, the dog was in attendance then, too.

party crashing dog

When word of the dog went viral, people began to speculate that he was a stray looking for affection. Valéo decided he’d try to help the dog get adopted.

Eventually, the truth came out: the dog just likes to party.

party crashing dog

Valéo began to investigate and learned that the dog was known by many around the rural town. His name is Dingo, and he already has a home.

“I live next to the party venue,” Dingo’s owner said. “Whenever someone is having a party, he will go. He makes a little escape and goes there.”

party crashing dog

We can only hope Dingo will party responsibly in the future.

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