Photographer Gives Shelter Dogs Adorable Makeovers And Photo Shoots To Increase Their Chance Of Adoption

Photographer Tammy Swarek, decided that she was going to do something about the ever growing amount of stray dogs ending up in kill shelters because they weren’t  adopted. Her idea has saved the lives of countless animals.


Why not just give them a photoshoot?


Swarek’s project, called Shelter Pets Project, has paired up with the Union County Animal Protection Society in El Dorado, Arkansas. With her partner, Tammy Michael, Swarek dresses up dogs and gives them glamour shots, then posts them on the shelter’s website.

The photos and costumes have something to do with either the dogs history or the dogs personality, making each costume and makeover unique and different, depending on the dog.


The project itself has had huge success. Said Swarek, “After our first shoot, adoptions went through the roof.” Many dogs were adopted the same day that their photo was posted.

Because it was such a huge success, she has pledged to take pictures of every single dog in the kill shelter, which is currently at double capacity.

The photographs are also being sold online, in order to raise money for the shelter to increase their capacity and keep the dogs alive longer, in the hopes that they get adopted. All proceeds from the photos sold are given to the shelter.


While the photos have been a huge hit with the public, Swarek had no idea that her creative idea would be so popular and effective. It has saved the lives of many dogs by finding them families and helped the shelter by creating more room for more dogs.

“I’m proud of it,” claimed Swarek. “I’m proud of the dogs and I’m proud of the shelter.”


It’s almost impossible to look at theses photos and not want to take one of these animals home. Tammy’s website can be found online, and any purchase you make will help the dogs shelter, and any dog you adopt will have a new home!



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