Pilot Diverts Plane’s Route Mid-Flight To Save A Puppy’s Life

Talk about a pilot who loves dogs!

When the temperature function in his plane malfunctioned, one Air Canada pilot made the in-flight decision to change the plane’s entire flight path in order to save the life of 7-year-old French Bulldog, Simba, who was flying onboard. Knowing that the freezing temperatures could be potentially fatal to the pup, the pilot landed in Germany so Simba could be transferred to a different, safer flight–despite the fact the alternate stop incurred $10,000 additional fuel costs.

pilot save dog

However, far from getting in trouble, he was lauded for his decision. As the airline’s spokesperson said:

“While we recognize this was an inconvenience for our customers, the overall reaction was positive, particularly once people understood the dog was in potential danger but safe as a result of the diversion.”

As for the pup’s parent, he will be forever grateful to the pilot.

“It’s my dog, it’s like my child. It’s everything to me,” said Simba’s owner, German Kontorovich when he went to pick Simba up from the other flight.


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