There Is A List Of Rentals Across The Country That Will Welcome Your Pit Bull With Arms Wide Open

Every renter knows how hard it can be to find a place to live when you’ve got a Pit Bull pup in your family. And every shelter worker knows that a depressing number of Pits are given up because their families are unable to find a rental without breed restrictions.

Fortunately, there’s now a database of rental listings, all over the country, that aims to make it easier for folks with Pit Bulls to find a great place to live.

pit bull friendly rentals

The database is put out by My Pit Bull Is Family, a 5-year-old nonprofit based in Minneapolis whose overall goal is, – as executive director Shannon Glenn puts it — to “lick discrimination.”

pit bull friendly rentals

There are some 500 listings so far, largely concentrated in medium-sized and bigger cities, Phoenix, Austin, Los Angeles, Detroit, Gainesville, and Washington, D.C. among them.

If you know of a rental without breed restrictions, reach out and let My Pit Bull Is Family know so they can add it in.

pit bull friendly rentals

Glenn isn’t only executive director of My Pit Bull Is Family. She’s also a client. She found the apartment she and her dog Wilbur share on the database.

The complex, which looks fabulous enough that we’re almost considering picking up and moving to the midwest  It has two dog parks and “it’s easily one of the most Pittie-friendly apartments in Minnesota,” Glenn says.

“One day I hope that there’s not a need for our organization period,” she says. “To live in a world where all dogs can be viewed as loving family dogs. But until then we will be here to help those searching for housing.”

pit bull friendly rentals


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