Adorable Pit Bull Puppies Found In A Box At A Gas Station Need Homes

Ten newborn Pit Bull puppies were left in a box at a gas station in Indiana. They are getting a second chance, thanks to a rescue group that took them in. The puppies had been picked up by local police and taken to a large shelter, where their odds of surviving were slim without ’round the clock care. The rescue intervened and is taking care of these little cutie pies until they can find the best homes for all of them.

Grace photographed by White Daffodil Photography

The shelter wanted to give the puppies a chance and called Johnny Ping, a volunteer with Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Rescue & Education, to see if he could take the orphaned litter.

Anabelle at 3 weeks old. Photo by White Daffodil Photography

He agreed, even though the rescue group’s resources were stretched thin having just taken in another orphaned litter earlier, reported the HuffPost.

bon jovi
Bon Jovi photographed by White Daffodil Photography

Over the past few weeks, volunteers have been bottle feeding the puppies, taking them to the vet and socializing them so they will be ready for adoption in mid-October.

If you are interested in adopting one of their puppies, please fill in their application form online. Please note that potential adopters need to be in Indiana and will require a home check.

Several of the puppies have adoptions pending, but there are still several more needing a good home like:


Thor (5 weeks old)






Source: Dog Heirs

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