She Was Getting Ready For Bed When Her Pit Bull Went Bounding Out Front Door…

Grand Rapids, Michigan has an unlikely hero named Blitz!  Blitz was standing at his screen door when he witnessed a horrifying scene— a terrified woman was being beaten and dragged across the street.

The two-year-old, 100-something pound canine hero immediately jumped into action. His mom was heading off to bed, when she heard Blitz dart outside as the woman screamed, “Help me!” Blitz ran straight towards her attacker.

Even though Blitz never bit the attacker, he scared him just enough to get him to let the woman go. She then ran with Blitz back into his apartment and called the police.

When police arrived at the scene, they arrested her husband on home invasion and domestic violence charges, after brutally beating his estranged wife.

Blitz’s mom, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared her story in the hopes it would help reduce the stigma attached to the bully breed. She said Blitz is “great with my kids, he’s just wonderful.”


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