When Their Dog Is Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer, What This Couple Does About It Will Touch Your Heart

Thomas Neil Rodriguez, a DJ from New York City, is a normal guy who happens to also really love his dog, Poh, a Lab/Pit mix that he rescued from the the North Shore Animal League rescue in Port Washington, New York back in 1999. Poh was only 8 weeks old at the time that he entered his owner’s life, but instantly he stole his heart with his playful personality and mischievous nature that his new owner could not resist. “He chose me, at the end of the day,” Thomas said.

After 15 years together by each other’s side, Thomas received some truly devastating news that changed his life. Veterinarians discovered a softball-sized tumor on Poh’s liver, as well as multiple tumors on his kidneys which resulted in kidney failure for this poor pooch. Thomas was told that his loyal companion who he’d loved for all these years might only have “days left” to live. Obviously his owner was heartbroken, but deep down he knew that he wanted to do something special to celebrate this loyal, loving animal that had stuck by his side for all these years. This is when with the help of his fiancee, Yuko Ogino, he decided to embark on his national tour with his dog in tow. “I just didn’t want to leave his side, so, I brought him with me,” Rodriquez said. Thomas was determined that his dog would enjoy his last days–however long that may be. They even created an Instagram account to document and share his travels, appropriately named @pohthedogsbigadventure. What started as a great idea to show his dog how much he meant to him, has now become a multi-city, three-months-and-counting whirlwind adventure for this amazing owner and his loving companion. And one thing is for certain, this lucky dog will enjoy his final days with all the love and devotion that he deserves for his lifetime of loyalty. Happy travels, Poh! Check out some of the sights from Poh’s big adventure:


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