Rescued Kitten Makes Herself At Home By Becoming Coworker In Police Office

Tara Atkins, a police dispatcher in Tryon, North Carolina, came into work when she instantly noticed a new employee in the office: a 4-month-old kitten.

“I came in at 7 a.m., and somebody was like, ‘Heads up, there’s a cute cat running around!’” Atkins said. “She was friendly and warmed up to everybody right away.”

police make kitten coworker

Another police officer who works in the building stepped outside to take a phone call when the tiny kitten walked right up to him in the parking lot.

It was cold outside and he could tell the kitten was very young, so he brought her inside to stay warm. The kitty quickly made herself at home in the office and had plenty of people to cuddle up with while they worked on their computers.

police make kitten coworker

“Someone brought in a little ball for her and she just loved that,” Atkins said. “When she wasn’t rolling the ball around all over the place, she was sleeping on someone’s lap. We figured it was much better for her to be here with us than alone in a shelter.”

An employee took her to be scanned for a microchip later that morning but to no avail.

That is when they decided to give the kitty a “job,” snapping pictures of her in various places throughout the office to post on the town’s Facebook page.

She began her day working on the computer…

police make kitten coworker

…and she even got to be a police dispatcher for the day.

police make kitten coworker

“Our town manager, Zach, came up with the idea to post the pictures since we figured we might be able to find her owner that way — that is, if she has an owner,” Atkins said.

Atkin’s coworkers encouraged her to bring the cat home with her, but with two 13-year-old pugs in her house, she reached out to a family member instead.

“She’s so lively that my dogs would probably break a hip trying to play with her,” Atkins said with a laugh.

police make kitten coworker

Instead, David Morrow, Atkins’ cousin, offered to take in the cat for now.  If someone comes forward who can prove ownership, he’ll gladly return her to the owner.

Morrow and his wife, Tanya, picked up the kitten and decided to named her Sqweeks since she has a particularly squeaky meow.

police make kitten coworker

Sqweeks is now settling in with their other cat and dog. She’s getting plenty of cuddles to keep her happy, and the couple plans to adopt her if no one claims ownership.

“Tanya has been wanting a lap kitty for quite some time,” Atkins said. “Even if it’s just for a little while, she’ll definitely enjoy having her around.”

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