Disabled Rooster Defies All Odds To Become An Inspiration For Other Animals

Apricot Lane Farms, in California, is home to a rooster named Poodle Roo. His owners became concerned when they began to notice that the rooster had an extremely unusual ritual once night time fell. All of the other chickens and roosters would go home to their cozy coop at night, but not Poodle Roo. He would stay out in the fields, much to the chagrin of his caregivers.

There are too many things that can injure or even kill a partially blind and deaf rooster at night. However, the little guy still refused to stay in the coop and would always leave to head out into the dangerous field.

Once the behavior caught the attention of his care providers at Apricot Lane Farms, they hired a filmmaker named John Chester to help them document the strange little rooster’s odd behavior. You won’t believe what they discovered next!

The short film in the video below debuted as part of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday,” and earned Poodle Roo the honorary title of the “Rising Strong Rooster.” The story that you’re about to see is sure to touch your heart.

Isn’t Poodle Roo the bravest little rooster you’ve ever seen?! And such a sweet soul!


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