Compassionate Postal Worker Sees Neglected Dog Tied Up Outside, Refuses To Leave Her There

While a mailman in Philadelphia was on his daily route, he came upon something he could not ignore.

There on the sidewalk, was a filthy boxer tied to a tree. The poor female dog was emaciated and sitting in the hot sun.

postal worker rescues dog

He immediately got the poor girl food and water. Then called the local shelter and waited with the dog until rescuers arrived to take her to safety.

Adopt a Boxer Rescue took in the boxer and named her Kuperus.

postal worker rescues dog

Kuperus had a large wound on her head, either from a bullet or knife and a broken jaw. She needed multiple teeth removed and despite the horrific abuse and neglect Kuperus once faced, she was sweet, loving and charming.

postal worker rescues dog

“It boggles my mind how she craves attention,” said Dawn Karam, founder of Adopt a Boxer Rescue.

“She really wants nothing more than to be touched… even after some terrible human beat her and left her to die. Simply amazing.”

postal worker rescues dog

The shelter volunteers worked tirelessly on finding whoever was responsible for the abuse while Kuperus recovered at a foster home.

Once she healed, she made TV appearances and won over the hearts of dog lovers in Philadelphia and spread awareness about animal rescue — all thanks to one compassionate postal worker.

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