Rescuers Who Fed 100 Stray Dogs Daily Notice One Dog In Particular Who Needed Help

Natalie Oliveri, President of Furever Bully Love Rescue, takes food out to the stray dogs in Redland, Florida, an area known as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. The organization distributes around 350 pounds of food to the 100 dogs that roam the area.

That is where she met  Harper. The poor little dog was scared and traumatized, and trusted no one, until one day, everything changed.

Harper had been living in The Redlands for a few months when she approached them, Harper seemed different.

pregnant rescue dog

When Natalie got closer to Harper, she dropped to the ground and was terrified. That was when Natalie then was able to see all the scars on Harper’s body.

They immediately took her to the vet treated her for various physical ailments, such as worms, a tooth infection, and anemia. But the psychological wounds would take more time to heal. However, the rescuers didn’t know they’d be in for a big surprise.

Harper was pregnant and knew a rescue shelter could not handle her, so they continued caring for her and her 8 puppies until they all found loving homes.

pregnant rescue dog

Her babies eventually found their forever homes, and Harper was the only one left. While she was waiting for a family, Harper was fostered by Cheryl Kessler, who reported that Harper is a much happier, and healthier dog.

Harper finally went to her forever home with Melanie Erbaugh who adopted her and is giving her the love shes always deserved. We’re so glad that they all got happy endings.

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