9 Prom Pictures You Have To See

I suppose these could all be considered normal in certain parts of the country. Perhaps we are just looking at them the wrong way. Maybe we shouldn’t judge of make fun of them. Then again, maybe we should.


Prom time is here again! You can literally smell the young love and awkward, clumsy sex in the air. This guy might want to slow down since touching a bare leg at that age might be enough to ruin his rented tux pants, but overall he’s about to have quite a magical night.

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Sadly, her southern conservative town refused to let an interspecies lesbian couple into their dance.


Okay guys, it’s one thing to embrace your virginity, but actively reinforcing it?


These two have encapsulated what this night is truly all about.


You’re happy now, kid. But this chick is going to dominate you.


Make fun of him all you want, but nothing’s better for a handjob in a dark corner than a kilt.


There’s something to be said for bringing a “sure thing” to the dance.


These three cannot wait to talk shit about her in the bathroom.


Tragically, they were later shot when they were mistaken for deer while having sex in the woods.


(Source: Tosh)

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