Proof That Parenting Isn’t For Everyone

Some people really should have to get a license to have a child.  Maybe they could have even picked up a Parenting 101 book at some point during the pregnancy or early years.  The people in this collection of photos could use a crash course in doing it right, because these are just one fail after another…


bad parenting


2.bad parenting


3.bad parenting


4.bad parenting


5.bad parenting




7.bad parenting


8.bad parenting


9.bad parenting


10.bad parenting


11.bad parenting


12.bad parenting


13.bad parenting


14.bad parenting


15.bad parenting


16.bad parenting


17.bad parenting


18.bad parenting


19.bad parenting


20.bad parenting


21.bad parenting


22.bad parenting


23.bad parenting


24.bad parenting


25.bad parenting


26.bad parenting

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