Hilarious Photos From Clever People Who Found Ways To Make Their Christmas Trees Pet Proof…

We all know pets love the holiday season almost as much as we do!  They especially admire our Christmas trees for the sheer pleasure of jumping up and playing with the ornaments!   See below the creative ways that some pet owners have decorated their trees! If you follow their ideas, you won’t have the broken ornaments and disasters some owners have had!  What do you think of these ideas?   

1. The Best Way I Could Put Up A Christmas Tree With A Fox In The House

2. Our Dog Keeps Eating Ornaments. This Is Our Solution

3. Christmas Are Saved

4. Christmas Tree For Cat Owners

5. We Put Our Tree Up Today

6. Perfect Tree For House With Cats

7. Every Time He Tries To Climb The Tree, We Make Him Put On A Christmas Outfit For 15 Minutes

8. How To Protect Christmas Tree From Your Cat? Use A Cage. For The Tree

9. Someone Isn’t To Be Trusted With A Decorated Christmas Tree

10. Pretty Sure This Tree Will Be Safe