Adorable Rottweiler Puppy Duo Busted For Eating Decorations When Owners See Their Hot Pink Tongues…

Apollo and Angel are a pair of adorable Rottweiler puppies who are the prime suspects behind one recent case of domestic vandalism.

They were not caught red-handed but pretty damn close…

puppies ate decorations

Apollo and Angel live in Brazil with owner Amanda Sena and her family. They are only 4 months old, but already have quite a reputation as troublemakers. They recently learned to open doors, entering rooms where they’re not allowed.

“They help each other be naughty,” Sena said. “When I think I’ve seen it all, they still manage to surprise me.”

Recently, Apollo and Angel pulled off their most memorable act of mischief to date.

puppies ate decorations

The pink paper flower belongs (or rather, belonged) to Amanda’s sister. It was a decoration from her birthday party and she saved it as a keepsake.

Amanda was at home when she heard a strange sound coming from outside. She went to investigate and discovered the shredded remnants of that paper flower-strewn about in the yard. The puppies then ran away.

“It was the biggest mess,” Amanda said. “I asked my friend to go after them to see if there was anything in their mouths.”

And sure enough…

puppies ate decorations

Apollo and Angel’s tongues had suddenly turned hot pink from having the flower in their mouths.

The puppy’s new coloring was a dead giveaway to their guilt, but they were oh so cute.

puppies ate decorations

puppies ate decorations

They didn’t cower in shame, instead, Apollo and Angel actually seemed quite proud of themselves.

“They did not regret a thing,” Amanda said. “They stuck out their tongues and just wanted to play more.”

puppies ate decorations

After she stopped laughing, Amanda called the vet. She was told that the dye in the paper probably wouldn’t be harmful to the puppies, but to clean their mouths and tongues and give them plenty of water, just in case.

The real victim was Amanda’s sister, who couldn’t help but laugh, too, when she found out what happened to her flower.

“No one had the heart to get angry,” Amanda said. “Their happiness was just too beautiful.”

Eventually, the puppies’ tongues went back to their normal color.

puppies ate decorations

“We’re already waiting for the next one,” Amanda said. “We knew what we were getting into, so for us, it’s all just fun.”

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