All 500 Puppies Rescued From A Puppy Mill Raid Got Adopted Within Six Weeks

Everybody loves a puppy, but what we don’t love are puppy mills. Puppy mills breed puppies and sell them. Most puppy mills consist of incredibly inhumane conditions. 

Members from the Cherokee Country Marshal’s Office and Cherokee County Animal Shelter busted a puppy mill that had been operating for over 30 years. They were appalled at what they found. There were over 500 puppies trapped in what looked like rabbit cages. All the puppies were evacuated. The story doesn’t end there.

6 weeks later, all the puppies were adopted in a community event. Not a single puppy was not!  Thanks to the courageous acts of Cherokee County community, over 500 puppies will now live the life they deserve. What a heartwarming ending!


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