After Seeing A Puppy Being Thrown Out Of A Car By Her Heartless Owner, UPS Driver Rushes In To Help

In Hughson, California a negligent dog owner decided they no longer wanted to care for their puppy. So, they dumped her on the side of the road.

Thankfully, this story doesn’t end there…

On June 14th, UPS driver Jason Harcrow set out on his usual route in Hughson, California.


Then, he saw something unusual. He watched as a car stopped in the middle of the road, tossed out a puppy, and then took off.


The puppy was alone, helpless, and in danger of getting hit by a car.


Harcrow leapt into action. He ran into the street and grabbed the dog before she could walk into oncoming traffic. By then, the car that dumped her was too far away to get a license plate, but at least the puppy was safe and sound.


His act of heroism has earned him some praise from his co-workers. “We’re very proud of him,” says Jessica Lafferty, UPS supervisor. “He’s a very good guy.”


Hughson Police Services report that the puppy is in great spirits and will most likely be up for adoption at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter, where she’s currently being housed.


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