Hero Rescues Tiny Injured Puppy From The Streets

Beauties and Beasts Rescue received a call about a tiny pit bull puppy that had been attacked by another dog, and they immediately took to the puppy to the local emergency vet.

The poor baby had several bite wounds on his tiny body, and the puppy’s head was completely swollen. It appeared he hadn’t eaten in a long time.

puppy uses tiny leg braces

The Wichita, Kansas, rescue immediately said they would pay for his medical costs and named the little guy: Jonah.

“If it had been just a few more days, he probably wouldn’t have made it,” Kristen Sewell, Jonah’s foster mom said.

“He was about 10 weeks old, but only weighed 4 pounds. His hair was falling out from malnutrition.”

puppy uses tiny leg braces

Jonah was fighting hard for his life, he still had so much joy. When Sewell and her husband, Brian, first met him, he couldn’t stop wriggling around in excitement.

“He was wiggling his little butt like crazy and was just so sweet,” Sewell said.

puppy uses tiny leg braces

Jonah was in intensive care at the vet, but after a few days, Jonah was cleared to go home with the Sewells, who are experienced with special needs fosters. But a few days later, his front legs completely collapsed.

“He was walking out in the hallway and all of a sudden his front legs gave out,” Sewell said. “The vet said because he was so malnourished during his first few weeks of life, his muscles and tendons were especially weak.”

puppy uses tiny leg braces

The vet fitted Jonah with a pair of braces to help support his fragile front legs. It didn’t take long for Jonah to get used to them and he even used them to get his foster parents’ attention when he wanted a snack.

“A big part of our training with Jonah has been teaching him to wait patiently while we prepare his dinner,” Sewell said. “So he will sit and wait, but gets so excited that he won’t stop tapping his paws on the floor.”

Jonah was finally starting to feel a bit better after a few weeks of wearing the braces and his nutrition improved.

Jonah’s healing could be contributed to the love from his foster sister, Ariel, has been just as healing.

puppy uses tiny leg braces

Beauties and Beasts rescued Ariel from an abusive owner two years ago and is missing a leg because she was mistreated so badly.

“Ariel was found with her leg cut off,” Sewell said. “She was covered in scars from being used as a bait dog [in dogfighting] and had her mouth closed tight with barbed wire. So when Jonah first met Ariel, I think he understood right away that they had both been through a lot.”

puppy uses tiny leg braces

At first, Jonah was terrified of other dogs after being attacked when he was so young but Ariel helped him become more comfortable and confident with her kind, patient nature.

“Every time one of our other dogs would bring Jonah a toy, he’d bring his head close to his body and hide to protect himself,” Sewell said. “He didn’t trust them at first, but Ariel taught him that it was OK to play. She really brought him out of his shell.”

After only one month of being with his foster family for just one month, Jonah is almost fully recovered and is looking for the perfect forever home after he receives his final vet check.

Jonah will be representing Beauties and Beasts rescue at educational events for the Wichita community that help inform people about the important work that saved his life.

puppy uses tiny leg braces

“Jonah is here because of [the rescue],” Sewell said. “This week, he’s going to an event for a local Girl Scout troop to teach them about what to do if you find a dog in trouble — and they’ll get to hear his story.”

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