Hero Rescues Adorable Puppy Born Without Front Legs, And Then Does This…

It’s hard to imagine anyone abandoning a puppy as helpless as Daffodil. Born without front legs, she was left in a dirty box on a busy street in San Francisco, where several people noticed the tiny pup and walked away without helping her. One person even picked her up, then put her right back in the soggy cardboard box when they noticed her birth defect. They must have thought that because of her deformities, her life wasn’t worth saving.

Thankfully, one good Samaritan saw her potential and stepped up to save her. Jene picked tiny Daffodil up from the box and gently wrapped her in his T-shirt, then brought her home. It was clear, however, that she would require more specialized care than he could provide, so he brought her to the San Francisco SPCA.

puppy without front legs

Daffodil had already adapted to her condition, but without her front legs, she was missing out on some of the joys of being a puppy: running around, chasing toys, and puppy playdates. So the SFSPCA ordered a custom prosthetic to help her live her life to the fullest. With her new wheels, Daffodil can express her puppy energy to the max!

puppy without front legs

While she’s still learning how to get around in her little wheelchair, Daffodil’s learning each day how to move, turn, and run without tipping over. It may not seem possible for this story to get any happier – but it does!

The San Francisco SPCA had been sending updates and photos of Daffodil to the OrthoPets team, who made her prosthetic. One employee fell so in love with the resilient puppy that she flew in from Colorado to bring her home.

puppy without front legs

Thanks to so many people who saw her potential — from the pawesome man who rescued her from the streets to the dedicated shelter staff and pet prosthetics team — Daffodil will have a life full of love, just like any other dog.

Watch the full video of Daffodil’s story below:


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