He Pulls Over To Rescue Abandoned Dog From Road, Then Dog Reveals Compassionate Surprise…

The Humane Society of Summit County shared a Facebook post about two animals that were left abandoned near a busy highway. While truck driver Dan O’Grady, was driving through Jacksonville, Florida,  he noticed a stray Jack Russell terrier wandering on the side of the road.

O’Grady immediately pulled over to save the dog, but the dog kept barking and running into the woods. When O’Grady followed him into the woods,  he discovered a white rabbit.

It was apparent that both animals were once domesticated pets, so he “scooped up the rabbit and headed back to the truck and the dog followed.”

O’Grady decided that day to name the dog Highway and the rabbit Interstate. However, the two companions did not know their friendship would soon come to an end.

Highway was adopted from a local shelter in Georgia, but unfortunately, the facility would not accept rabbits. O’Grady then brought Interstate home to Ohio where The Humane Society of Summit County took him in as a rescue.

They noted on their Facebook message; Interstate was “bony and malnourished for an adult rabbit.” He only weighed three pounds last month; the little rabbit now weighs a much healthier five pounds.

The society expressed how grateful they were that a kindhearted truck driver decided to pull over and lend a helping hand.

“Dan O’Grady literally went the extra mile to rescue Highway and Interstate,” the organization wrote. “We [depend] on good samaritans like Dan who rescue injured, abused and abandoned animals.”


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