Reporter Saves Dog Dangerously Running In Traffic

Dave McMenamin is a sports reporter, covering the NBA for ESPN. He is currently gaining a new kind of notoriety for the lifesaving actions he performed off the court.

reporter rescues dog

While McMenamin was in Texas reporting on Tuesday’s basketball game between the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers, he spotted something far more important: a scruffy stray dog running loose in the road.

He rescued the pup and go him into his car. Then he wrote a Tweet asking for advice on where to take him.

The response to McMenamin’s tweet was overwhelming.

Several people responded with directions to local shelters where he could take his rescued passenger while others suggested McMenamin adopt the dog himself. Unfortunately, that could not happen:

The dog McMenamin had saved seemed to understand that he was now in good hands.

McMenamin was quickly smitten with the pup.

Following the advice of one of his followers, McMenamin and his new dog friend were on their way to a nearby animal shelter.

Before long, they arrived.

McMenamin and Buddy shared a tender moment before heading to the shelter.

Once inside the shelter, Buddy was found to have been microchipped — making it possible to find his rightful owners. He might never have survived had McMenamin not acted when he did.

The two were friends, so saying goodbye wasn’t easy.

When the adventure with Buddy came to an end, McMenamin’s Twitter feed resumed its focus on the sports coverage expected from a basketball reporter. But McMenamin obviously hadn’t forgotten about that dear little dog.

He gave yet another update to let everyone know that the dog’s owners had been found.

Buddy, as it turns out, already had a name. (He also had a pretty bad case of fleas, so the shelter gave him a new cleaner do.)

McMenamin’s actions have been praised online, where hundreds followed along with his rescue of the dog.

He could have simply looked the other way upon seeing a dog in need, but McMenamin decided to act out of kindness.

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