Toothless, Deaf Rescue Cat Actually Has More Reasons Than Ever Right Now To Be Happy

Mid Hudson Animal Aid (MHAA), a no-kill rescue,  in upstate New York, took in a lilac point kitty named Eddie from a feral colony in 2013.

Jennifer Blakeslee, his adoptive mom, describes him as a “hot mess” and “as mean as they come” when he was first rescued. What really happened was that Eddie was in severe pain.  He has had a few drastic surgeries, but now he is a loving, gentle giant.


you know what’s better than fresh tuna and the smell of daisy’s butt and the sight of floyd frozen into submission by my steely gaze? this—the feel of my human’s hand cradling my head. before, when i had ears, this was impossible because it hurt the way it’d hurt if i saw daisy stepping out with another man (or rather, how it’d hurt him once i scratched his eyes out and gummed him black and blue). but now, thanks to all of you guys who spread the word and helped fund my surgery back in november, i’m alllllll about the love. seriously, it’s like my head fits perfectly in her palm. except when she pretends she can stave off old age and puts stinky eucalyptusy goop on her hands—that shit makes me wanna hurl. but i don’t, because she’s mostly, like, cool and stuff, what with the feeding and the poop scooping and the head cradling. except when she’s doing something other than those things. because… say it with me now… #ilivewithnumnuts.

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Blakeslee now describes Eddie, or as he’s know on Instagram as “the Lilac Lion” as “serene”. He loves belly rubs, snuggling with his sister-cat, Daisy, and treats.

It took a long time to get Eddie from ferocious feral cat to docile domestic pet. When he arrived at Mid Hudson Animal Aid, he had severe, chronic ear infections and a dental condition known as stomatitis that causes inflammation of the gums and lips, oral ulcers and severe pain when eating.


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Poor Eddie was in so much pain, he couldn’t bare being touched. His severe discomfort became misplaced rage that he would direct towards anyone who dared to approach him. The kind folks at MHAA refused to give up on him.

Eddie underwent a dental procedure under anesthetic during which all of his rotting, painful teeth were removed. A 2015 fundraiser collected enough money to pay for him to undergo a radical double ear ablation , the removal of the entire inner ear, leaving only the outer flap.

soft places to sleep? as much food as i want? bellyrubs? my future ladylove daisy sitting nearby? oh hellsyes.

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Eddie was now toothless, deaf  and HAPPY! The rescuers he had once hissed at, now lets them give him scratches and belly rubs, too!

will someone PLEASE rub mah belleh?!?!?

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During the same time, Jennifer Blakeslee was recovering from the loss of her own special needs kitty, Shackleton. She wanted to pay the love forward by taking in another special needs pet. When she walked into the shelter she immediately fell for the big lilac cat with the tiny ears.

good morning, instacatland! may your day be filled with ☀️, ?, ?, ?, and ❤️!

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Eddie found his perfect human. Last year Blakeslee noticed that he was scratching at his ears severely enough to draw blood. A veterinary specialist determined that it was in Eddie’s best interest to have the remaining ear pinnas removed.

Blakeslee told the blog, Hi, Homer:

“Now he’s earless AND toothless, and happier than ever!”

monday morning got me like…. . ?&!%$?!%@$!??!?☠️?

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Eddie still remains a bit skittish, which is understandable after all he’s been through, but Blakeslee says there is no longer a trace of that famous temper!


… *finally ditches the cone of shame* *looks to the left* *looks to the right* *shakes head wildly* *finds daisy* *settles in for the night*

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