15 Of The Most Heartwarming Rescue Stories Ever, Get Your Tissues

There’s a  lot that goes into rescuing a dog. Whether it’s a boxfull of abandoned puppies or an animal abused and neglected.  We thrive on giving credit where it’s due. That’s why this small town celebrates the most beautiful stories and gives a great big thanks to the people who made them happen.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making us sob like babies, and for giving these dogs a chance to find happiness.
1. Pit Bull Pup Gives Kisses After Just Losing Her Leg In A Horrible Train Accident
Officer Kevin McMullen thought he would be retrieving the body of a dog struck by a train.  Instead, what he found was nothing short of a miracle. When he lifted the dog who’d just lost one of her legs and some of her tail, she used whatever strength she had to give him kisses.

Since the accident, Molly has recovered beautifully. And of course, she now calls Officer McMullen her adoptive dad.

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2. Puppy Thrown Over Shelter Fence In Sub-Zero Temps Makes Remarkable Recovery

Vespa’s owners decided that when they no longer wanted her, they tossed her over the closed shelter’s fence. She had nothing but a jumprope tied around her neck and sat waiting in the freezing cold. What shelter workers don’t understand is that they opened within the hour, but this person just couldn’t wait.

One employee arrived early and heard her cries.  Now Vespa has the greatest big brother and two of the best puppy parents around.

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3. Officer Falls Hopelessly In Love With Puppy He Rescued

Unexpected circumstances brought Officer Montgomery to his local animal welfare society, but even he didn’t expect what he would get in exchange. In a story more about love, this man fell head over heels for one black-and-white cutie.

Dubbed “Kylo” (to aid the relationship between brother Vader, of course), the little pup was left with his siblings in a box outside overnight. Somehow he survived the freezing temperatures, but now he’ll never know what cold feels like again.

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4. Senior Spaniel Finds Comfort After Family Leaves Her Behind For A Younger Pup

Elderly pup Cookie and her younger housemate ended up in the shelter when they got loose from their home. In a disastrous turn of events, the owners decided to take their younger puppy and leave Cookie behind, no longer wanting to oversee her care in her golden years.

Poor Cookie’s face when she realized what happened was heartbreaking, especially knowing she was battling cancer and other health concerns. Luckily, she is finally in a stable, permanent foster situation to live out her days in comfort.

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5. Pit Bull Rescues Herself By Hopping Into The Nearest Police Car

The age-old case of lost-dog-goes-looking-for-helpful-police-officer strikes again. This big red Pittie certainly knew just what to do when she couldn’t find her owners. In the equivalent of a grocery store clerk calling for the mother of a missing child over the loudspeaker, Officer Taylor took it in stride and was able to find the pup’s rightful owners.

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6. Pup Waiting For A Home In His Sweater Is Adopted After Spending Months In A Kennel

Bobby and his Christmas sweater took the world by storm when Miami Dade Animal Services posted his dejected photo on Facebook. He was surrendered by his family just before the holidays, and the shelter thought giving him a nice sweater would attract potential adopters. Months went by, and Bobby was soon listed as “code red.”

Within days of the Facebook post, a woman came forward to take him home, and now he has the best job in the world: getting loved on all day long by folks at a local senior center.

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7. Dog Found With Her Paws Frozen To The Ground Gets The Care She Deserves

Tied with a chain to a tree in Brooklyn, New York, Bindi was subject to freezing temperatures and no food or water. When a woman walking her dogs saw the nearly-invisible pup, she realized the pup’s feet were bleeding and frozen to the ground. She wrapped her in a coat and took Bindi home, where Sean Casey Animal Rescue saw her Facebook post and gave her some much-needed care.

Vets discovered Bindi also had anemia, a stomach ulcer, cherry eye, and bits of metal in her stomach, but she is improving every day.

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8. Vet Comforts Frightened Rescue Dog To Show Her Everything Will Be Okay

A little Pit Bull pup named Graycie narrowly avoided being euthanized due to her dire situation. She was starving and dehydrated, and suffered from hypothermia and a painful vaginal prolapse. After emergency medical care, Dr. Mathis brought her back to his clinic where she began a quick recovery.

He warmed everyone’s hearts with a video posted by Granite Hills Animal Care where he sat with Graycie in her kennel to eat breakfast. His company was comforting in such a strange, unfamiliar place, and his level of dedication simply astounding.

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9. Deputy Stops Bulldog From Bleeding To Death

Almost another casualty of a domestic dispute case, Daisy the Bulldog had her throat slit by a woman after she had already killed her roommate’s Pit Bull. When Deputy Gonnelli arrived to the scene that same day, he didn’t hesitate to staunch the bleeding with his bare hands, ultimately saving the dog’s life.

Daisy instantly relaxed until help arrived. She is forever grateful to her deputy hero and is now safe and living with one of her former humans.

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10. Dog “Turned To Stone” Completely Transforms Thanks To Rescuers’ Kindness

A severe case of mange had almost literally turned Petra to stone before a multi-day ordeal led to her successful capture. She’d been roaming the streets for years and never found comfort in the human touch; it was no surprise that she was quite fearful of people.

One volunteer made it her mission to get this pup ready for a forever home,  before long, Petra was on her back for belly rubs and giving thankful kisses. She eagerly awaits the day a family chooses her as their next best friend.

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11. Dog Left Tied To A Tree When Owner “Wasn’t Interested In Taking Care Of Him” Finds A Miracle

Ganesh, lived his days chained in a yard by himself. You could see every bone in his body. Four nearby roommates came to see the pup and ended up taking him with them.

Baths, coconut oil rubs, and tons of hugs and kisses are just a few things he’s enjoyed since his rescue, and the funds raised for Ganesh’s care far surpassed their goal. His rescuers love him dearly, and plan to donate the excess to other animals in need.

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12. Puppy Shot 18 Times With BB Gun Has A New Best Friend

Tiny Brody laid bleeding near an apartment complex after two teenagers shot him repeatedly with a BB gun. They have since been found and charged with cruelty to animals. He’s the talk of the town, and with over a hundred applications for adoption, one rose above the rest.

The shelter found the family unexpectedly quickly, but when they saw the instant bond between the puppy and the 10-year-old girl, that was it.

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13. Biker Intervenes And Saves A Dog Being Brutally Beaten

When Brandon Turnbow passed a man punching and flinging his dog on the side of the road, he turned his motorcycle around to do something about it. The cruel owner drove away, but what he left was a little dog struggling to breathe from the attack and about to walk into traffic.

Turnbow spoke softly and pet him for a bit before loading him up on his bike and heading home. His father called the pup “Mr. Davidson” to complement their dog Harley, and the three have been inseparable ever since. Best of all, Turnbow used the positive response to Mr. Davidson’s story to begin an organization called “Bikers Against Animal Abuse Global.”

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14. Tiny Puppy Left In The Cold Wears Kids’ Socks To Stay Warm

Little Arthur is a sight in his chic Tweety Bird sock coat. He was abandoned at 6 weeks old and was left to freeze to death. Searching for a way to keep him warm, the RSPCA deputy manager cut holes in some children’s socks and fixed Arthur right up.

He’s certainly stylish with his new threads and great head of hair, and now he’s all ready to settle in his new home.

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15. Depressed Dog Put On Euthanasia List Is Rescued After Someone Sees His Story

One shelter’s longest resident was about to lose his life simply because he was depressed. He began banging his head against the walls in despair, and it seemed that he had lost hope of ever been rescued. Well, Coffee is a people pleaser, and after his post gained attention on Bark Post, a rescue stepped forward to save him.

Now Coffee, once so close to being euthanized, won’t ever need to fear for his life again.

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