Rescued Cat Now Sails Around The World With Her New Mom

Liz Clark could think of plenty of reasons not to keep a cat onboard her boat. She’d been sailing around the world on her 40-foot sailboat, the Swell, since 2006, and didn’t intend to stop anytime soon. Besides, Clark was often busy with boat maintenance. And then there was her surfing addiction.

But when Clark stopped in French Polynesia and found a 6-month-old kitten in an abandoned house, everything changed. Clark took the kitten back to the Swell to feed her and give her some love. She didn’t intend to keep the kitten, she was just going to keep her until she found someone who could take better care of her.


The problem was, Clark couldn’t actually find anyone who’d take better care of the kitten than she could herself. She named the cat Amelia after the trailblazing pilot Amelia Earhart, and decided to see if Amelia could get her sea legs.

At first, Amelia didn’t seem too sure about life onboard. In fact, she seemed to hate the ocean …


… especially when she fell into the water.


Still unsure about what was best for Amelia, Clark took her kitty companion ashore with her.


“I knew she needed to climb trees and stretch her legs,” Clark said. “So I figured I would bring her ashore in a safe place, and if she ran off, then I’d know she was unhappy on the boat and that would be that.”


But Amelia didn’t run off, and she reboarded the Swell with Clark. From then on, Clark knew Amelia would be okay, as long as she had the opportunity to walk on land sometimes.

It didn’t take long for Amelia to get used to life aboard a sailboat. She had lots of places to climb …


… and jump …


… and play …