Paralyzed Cat And His Best Ferret Friends, Travel The World In His Pink Wheelchair

Rexie the cat lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia with his human Daria Minaeva and is a perfect example of how to stay optimistic!

Due to a “terrible accident,” the poor kitty broke his spine and his hind legs became paralyzed. Minaeva thought Rexie might have to be euthanized due to his extensive injuries.

They didn’t give up, Rexie had therapy and now owns a special pink wheelchair.  Rexie is resilient and learned how to maneuver his way through life.

“He’s adapted to live a life as a two-legged cat. He doesn’t use his back feet at all, but it doesn’t stop him from walking, running and even climbing,” Minaeva said. 

“He can’t control his legs so sometimes when he sits, and his feet happen to be at the edge, they just hang which makes it look like he’s sitting like a person,” she said.

“Usually it’s not their two eyes or four feet we own them for. There’s something more than that, some spiritual connection between an owner and their pet,” she said.

“The pet might lose an eye or end up without a limb but it doesn’t break up the connection. That’s what matters.”

Minaeva is so thrilled to have her beloved kitty around, and Rexie’s BFF’s–best ferret friends–can’t imagine life without him.