Veterinarian Opts To Save Life Of Paralyzed Puppy Who Was Turned In To Be Euthanized

When a 6-week-old pup named Bo could no longer walk, her owners believed she was paralyzed. Rather than take her to the vet for examination, they brought her there to be euthanized.

The vet was not about to put the puppy down for no reason and began performing tests to see what was causing her paralysis. They got the results back and found out it was an easy fix.

Bo, now renamed Bella, was hypoglycemic, which was the cause of her paralysis.

“Maybe they were not feeding her enough, and her blood sugar was too low,” said Piper Wood, the founder of Hand in Paw Shelter.

They immediately began treatment, knowing that she would regain her strength, and they were right.

Once Bella was given a few IV’s and fluids, she was completely fine. Except for the fact that she was terrified of people.

Wood worked very hard with Bella, doing whatever it took to get her to regain her strength and confidence. It did not take long for them to find Bella the perfect home.

“When I took her to her new home, I saw her play for the first time. She was playing with like ten different toys at once and running around, and she was so happy. That was incredible to see because I have only seen the scared side of her. She is definitely feeling so much better, and she feels at home now,” said Wood.

We could not be happier for this baby girl! Had the vet not decided to take a closer look at Bella, she would not be here today making her new family happy.

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