This Adorable Dog With A Pile Of Wrinkles Is Melting Everybody’s Heart

Dedicated New York foster parents, Cait and David Himmel, are always happy to help when the Animal Care Centers of NYC call upon them to provide shelter for a dog in need.

Last week they weren’t expecting to be sharing their home with a “90-pound, 10-year-old walrus,” but they happily welcomed the abandoned senior dog nonetheless.

senior dog pile of wrinkles

The 90-pound walrus in question is Butter. She was turned over to the NYCACC due to landlord issues at her previous home. Butter is overweight, losing her vision and has not been spayed.

Despite her list of ailments, this plump old lady has a way of capturing the hearts of all who meet her – including the doormen at the Himmels’ apartment building (they call her Grandma). A permanent adoptive home was already lined up for Ms. Butter, so her time with the Himmels was an essential safe haven until it came time to meet her new family.

senior dog pile of wrinkles

At first, Butter seemed to settle right in with the Himmels. She enjoyed a soothing bubble bath followed by a long night of “snoring like a truck driver” on her new bed.

Unfortunately, the next night was not so easy. Butter spent the whole evening pacing, crying and screaming. The Himmels chocked it up to stress and disorientation from having been uprooted from her previous home. However, Butter’s condition seemed to get worse and worse as the night became morning.

It was a long night and day for Ms. Butterball. The poor girl just couldn’t settle last night…and paced, cried, and screamed for 7 hours straight (video on the left is her at 3am). It was heartbreaking to watch this loving and loyal senior dog cope with the fact that she’ll never see her family again. By morning though, what we assumed was stress and confusion from the loss of her family, escalated into something more serious. Butter was concerningly distressed, pacing in circles, crying, and not eating. This evening, we took a trip to the vet where she underwent emergency X-ray’s to rule out life threatening pyometra (infection of the uterus from not being spayed). Thankfully, while it doesn’t appear she has pyometra, it was confirmed that Ms. Butter has an infected mammory gland that has a 50/50 chance of being cancerous (again, thanks to not being spayed), she may have liver or cushing disease as both her liver and kidneys are enlarged, and that she has severe spondylosis, from age. My poor sweet Butterball is a hot mess! She doesn’t know it though and all that matters is that we get her comfortable. And with the help of injectable pain meds and antibiotics, she’s on the road to just that (bottom right pic). Can’t tell you how much fun it’s been rubbing this babes fat belly, and burying our noses in her neck rolls while she purrs like a cat. Just love her! PS – I will likely be setting up a fundraiser for Butter, as her care costs were pretty signifiant tonight and will certainly be more so moving forward as her selfless and compassionate adoptive family digs deeper into her condition(s). If you can donate, that’s awesome. If not, that’s still awesome…we just ask that you keep Butterball in your thoughts! #VivaLaButterball #Butter #NYCACC #SeniorDogsRule #SeniorDogsofIG #ShopAtShelters #NewYorkCity

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Butter was taken to a vet and her vet did notice that she has an infected mammary gland that has a 50/50 chance of turning out to be cancerous. Her liver and kidneys are also enlarged leading the vet to suspect Cushing’s disease and possible liver disease. Butter’s spine is affected by severe spondylosis caused by old age and excessive weight. As Cait put it in an Instagram update – Butter is a hot mess!

senior dog pile of wrinkles

Her veterinarian started her on pain meds and antibiotics which have helped to make the poor old gal comfortable again. There is still quite a ways to go before the full extent of Butter’s ailments are uncovered and ready to be treated. The Himmels started a crowdfunding campaign on Butter’s behalf to pay for that emergency visit, as well as assist her adoptive family with her ongoing veterinary costs. They were able to meet and exceed their goal in under an hour!

Butter is extremely lucky for all the love and attention she received from her remarkably selfless foster pawrents, the Himmels. After her initial vet visit, she was back to snoring throughout the night and delighting Instagram users with her roly-poly wrinkly walrus body again. And as of this week, Ms. Butterball has moved in with her forever family! According to Cait, they adore her and plan to set up a Facebook page so all of her supporters can continue to follow her progress.

A sincere thank you to the Himmels and Butter’s new adoptive family for taking a chance on this sweet girl! She may be old, but Butter has proven that she still has a lot of life and love left in her! Happy life, Ms. Butterball!


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