After Vet Recommends Senior Dog Be Put To Sleep, Owner Abandons Him At Shelter Instead

All over the world, there are senior dogs that are healthy and ready to live the rest of their lives surrounded by a loving family.

Symon a 14-year-old dog was dumped by his owner at the Houston, Save Lives Is Our Mission shelter; they were hoping that the shelter would put him down for them for free. That left the shelter’s volunteers in tears and willing to spread their message to all who will hear it.

senior dogs

The shelter put a post on Facebook desperately looking for someone to give Symon a comforting place to spend the last few days of his life. He was in bad shape, but still had some time left. They were baffled as to why his family would abandon him in his time of need.

senior dogs

The tragic situation concluded. At least Symon is in a better place now.

senior dogs


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