18-Year-Old Rescue Dog Lives Out His Super Senior Years By Completing Adorable Bucket List

When 18-year-old Morgan the dachshund’s owner passed away,  he ended up at the Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS) in Fort Myers, Florida.
Because of his age, the volunteers at the shelter knew they had to get him somewhere peaceful to live out the rest of his days.  That’s when they reached out to Senior Paws Sanctuary (SPS) to see if it could help the elderly little dog.
senior rescue dog

“LCDAS called SPS to inform us that an elderly, unadoptable dog had arrived and wanted to know if we could help him,” Kate Reidy, Morgan’s foster mom said. “The founder and organizer of SPS went to see Morgan and fell in love.”

The dogs at SPS are sent to live with foster families, and so Morgan went to live with Reidy and her 10-year-old dog, Charlie. Reidy assumed that Morgan would be slow because he was already 18, but that wasn’t the case at all.
senior rescue

“I joke and say Morgan has Benjamin Button disease,” Reidy said. “He has gotten more active, livelier and his personality has grown in the past year of fostering him. Most people don’t believe his age!”
Morgan thrived in his foster home.  He loved his new life and even got his own stairs to help him get onto the couch and bed, and he loves to wander around his house exploring.
senior rescue dog

“He loves attention,” Reidy said. “He loves to snuggle as close as he can to you and every so often he will get up and sniff your face just to make sure he remembers who he is sitting with! It’s so sweet.”
Since his foster home seemed to make him livelier and more excited to explore the world, his foster mom decided to make him a bucket list.
Morgan has had a plane ride…
senior rescue dog

… meet a sergeant and become a junior deputy …
senior rescue dog

… attend a baseball game…
senior rescue dog