Owner Surrenders Her 20-Year-Old Blind And Deaf Cocker Spaniel To California Shelter

One thing shelter workers see way too often is animals being surrendered by their owners because they are just too old, sick, or expensive. When a woman brought in her dog, they were all in shock.

When a woman brought in her 20-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Sonoma, to the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, it left all of the staff members devastated. Sonoma is blind and deaf, and he had spent his whole life with just one owner.

Sonoma was visibly frightened and confused, and you could see that he was heartbroken. It broke everyone else’s heart to see him so depressed.

senior shelter pets

Pet Rescue Report, shares his plight with everyone, especially rescue organizations.

Thankfully, because of all the attention the post received, the elderly loving dog only had to spend one night at the shelter. The very next day, rescuers from the Frosted Faces Foundation welcomed Sonoma into their wonderful home of family senior dogs.

senior shelter pets

Sonoma’s tail wiggled with joy as he walked through the shelter doors, to his new life.

Once he was in their care, Sonoma received a good bath, and an ear cleaning to help heal his infected ears and later a proper meal. He was even given a little green bow tie.

Sonoma is being pampered while at the Frosted Faces Foundation, and he is just the cutest thing ever! He is getting all the love he deserves and everyone there absolutely adores him!

senior shelter pets

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