Dog Slept On Street For 11 Years, Until One Porch He Napped On Changed Everything…

Stray dogs living on the streets have a really tough time. Some strays are agile and street savvy. On the tough streets of Los Angeles, one dog managed to survive over 11 years on his own as a stray on the streets! He eventually began to slow down due to his age.

One day, he decided to take refuge on the porch of a stranger’s home, curling up just took a nap. As luck would have it, he chose the right house. The woman who lived there took him in and named him Solovino, which in Spanish means, “he who came alone.”

The woman eventually contacted Rocket Dog Rescue, based out of San Francisco. This rescue group embraces dogs who would normally be euthanized at regular shelters.

The well-tempered dog was taken to the rescue, treated, and put into a foster home. Unfortunately, his foster placement did not last long and Solovino was returned and fostered in different homes for over a year and a half.

Carol Messina read Solovino’s sad story online and immediately fell in love with the old boy and adopted him. A life-long Star Wars fan, she shortened his name to Solo.

Messina anticipated Solo’s integration into her home would go well, but he was shy and apprehensive around humans. Solo had trouble trusting that Messina would be able to give him the happy and safe life he deserved but had never experienced.

“When he first came to live with me, he kept his tail between his legs for months,” Messina recalled. “He was very non-reactive to dogs and people and cats, and flinched anytime anyone tried to pet him.”

After lots of patience and compassion, Solo become more comfortable. The poor dog also had unresolved health issues. Messina discovered he had a hearing impairment that was much worse than everyone initially thought. She then realized that the timidness and jumpiness weren’t caused by fear, but by being startled by people around him out of his range of sight.

Solo had dental problems that caused him to be lethargic and in constant pain. Messina put off her own planned surgery to have Solo’s teeth repaired. He is now a much happier and playful dog.

Because of his severe hearing loss, Messina purchased a vest for Solo that says “Deaf dog.” This is to let people know to be careful around him. When entering a room, she will flicker the lights, so he knows someone is there. She intends on moving to a one-level home so Solo will not need to navigate stairs as he continues to age.

Because of Solo, Messina has become inspired to take in other older dogs and give them a happy life for as long as she can. Despite all his health problems, shes love Solo and will be sure that he will have a life filled with all the joy and pleasure he spent the majority of his life without.

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