Cop Unhappy To Discover How Former Service Dogs Are Being Treated, Builds Them Retirement Resort

Bai Yan was a dog handler in China.  Over his career, he has trained more than 30 police dogs.  has trained over 30 police dogs over his 13-year career as a handler in China. The time he spent has given him a unique relationship with the dogs he worked with.

Bai has taken it upon himself to build a retirement home specifically for service dogs, and one million yuan ($150,000) later, he’s done it.

“You could say they are my work comrades or even my family,” he said.

When one of his dog’s, Sonny, was diagnosed with skin cancer, his vet advised Bai to euthanize him. However, this was simply not an option.

Instead, Bai gave the senior dog daily medicinal baths that brought his illness under control.

service dog retirement

Because of that experience, it gave Sonny an idea. That is when he realized retired service dogs need daily care just as humans do.

In China, once these dogs became too old or injured for their work, they were put down or put up for civilian adoption. The adoptions do not always end on a happy note.

Bai made a plan. He would build a resort specifically for his senior canine colleagues to live out their golden years in comfort.

He built the sanctuary in the eastern area of the Zhejiang province in a region of Hangzhou where spacious mountains and fresh air provide a serene view for his canine friends.

service dog retirement

The sanctuary home is complete with assault courses and long walking paths for the dogs to get plenty of exercise. It also has a cemetery nearby where 26 of Bai’s former “comrades” now rest in peace.

It is hard for him to resist the tears when he discusses these fallen companions.

Currently, 16 of the dogs he has worked with now reside at the resort.

service dog retirement

Bai does most of the work himself; he stops at the house three times a day to make breakfast, play with the dogs, and give them their medicine. He spends most of his holidays and weekends there.

Bai has refused handouts from people who have offered to help fund the home. He says that these dogs are his family and his responsibility.

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