7 Chihuahuas Live Together Under The Care Of A Father Feline

The seven Chihuahuas pictured here all live under the same roof in Bangkok, Thailand. But it’s their father figure that has everyone talking…
seven chihuahuas 1

Meet Ritchie the cat, caretaker and “boss” of the Chihuahua clan! 🙂
seven chihuahuas 2

Mom started uploading their photos and daily activities to Instagram, and that’s how they became internet famous!
seven chihuahuas 3

But the tightest bond of the group exists between Ritchie and Kuma, the smallest of the Chihuahuas.
seven chihuahuas 4

Whenever you see Ritchie, it’s a guarantee Kuma won’t be far behind. 😉
seven chihuahuas 5

But Ritchie has plenty of love to go around. They’re one happy family!
seven chihuahuas 6

How adorable!
seven chihuahuas 7

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