Diver Is Approached By Shark And Their Face To Face Interaction Has Everyone Talking…

Stefano Ulivi, of Florence, Italy, a diver was leading a diving expedition near Pico Island, off the coast of Portugal. His camera was rolling when several sizable blue sharks approached the group. One began circling Ulivi.

shark kisses diver

Gradually, the shark came closer and closer. Ulivi said he wasn’t scared at all, and actually found the proximity to a wild shark exhilarating.

“Usually blue sharks are super curious and commonly they approach divers really at a short distance,” Ulivi said.

Ulivi has been diving for some time and knows that sharks hardly ever want to hurt anyone. In fact, your chance of being killed by a shark is about 1 in 3.7 million.

shark kisses diver

But even this surprised Ulivi when the blue shark came right up to him. The shark gently bumped Ulivi right on his face, as if giving him a kiss.

“This guy was trying to test me,” Ulivi said, about the shark’s up-close inspection. “Good food or not?”

shark kisses diver

According to George Burgess, noted shark expert and director of the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History,  “The reality is most of those videos you see of the sharks jumping out of the water chasing something, they’ve been lured by photographers using styrofoam props in the shape of a seal,” Burgess said after another incident between a surfer and a shark.

Maybe more people would care about saving sharks if people saw a bit more of their sweet side.

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